Contact and Information

Het Wapen van Tilburg
Spoorlaan 362
5038 CD Tilburg

+31 (0)13 - 542 26 92





Street parking
There is street parking available at Het Wapen van Tilburg at a cost of € 2,20 per hour. However tickets can only be purchased one hour at a time. Please note that one can only pay meastro or a parking app ( zone 51301).

Car Parks
Parkeergarage de Knegtel
Gasthuisring 60, 5041 TD, Tilburg

Hours of operation: 24/7.
Parking cost: € 1,20 per hour with an minimum of € 0,50. 24 hour parking costs € 7,50.
Parking de Knegtel is a 5 minute walk from the hotel.

Switchpark Spoorlaan Tilburg
Spoorlaan 21, 5038 CB, Tilburg

At Switchpark spoorlaan
Parking costs: € 0,80 per hour. 24 hour parking costs € 6,00

Parkeergarage Pieter Vreedeplein
Telegraafstraat 20, 5038 BP, Tilburg

Hours of operation: Monday til Saturday from 07:00 till 04:30 hours Sun- and Hollidays from 10:30 till 04:30 hours
Parking cost: € 2.00 per hour with an minimum of € 0,50. 24 hour parking costs € 16,00.

At night the parking cost is no more than € 5,- 
In parkeergarage Pieter Vreedeplein is a evening rate which is valid after 18:00 hours . You pay till closing time a maximum rate of € 5,- 

Hours of Operation

Tuesday till Thursday
from 15:00 h

Friday till Sunday
from 11:00 h

(Closed on Monday)

Public Transportation

Het Wapen van Tilburg is located accross of the central train station in Tilburg. Turn left out of the station, cross the street and after aproximately 100 meters you will be at Het Wapen van Tilburg